Team: Universe
World: Navhic (or as Eli dubbed it 'Emerald Isle')

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From: Colonel Everett Young, Destiny
To: General Jack O'Neill, SGC Earth

Subject: 1st Mission Report - Planet 'Navhic'

General O'Neill,

enclosed you will find my first mission report about the recently discovered Planet 'Navhic' (or as Eli dubbed it 'Emerald Isle') in an unknown galaxy with additional reports by several of the crew.

As we informed you about a week ago, Destiny dropped out of FTL by a planet almost identical to Earth in size and climate.

Destiny did not start the dialing process but instead displayed several readouts on the planet and its inhabitants.

From the provided readouts and a detailed analysis of said data, Dr. Rush was able to identify Destiny's reason for stopping by.

Destiny's sensors had been following the signal of a seed ship which had crashed on the planet a few thousand years ago after it had deployed a Stargate. The last data stream the seed ship was able to sent out before it crashed, contained only fragments of data but apparently the words 'human' and 'Earth' played a significant role.

By further analyzing the data, Dr. Rush discovered the race living on the planet was indeed human and descendants of humans from Earth.

When Destiny tried to access the data core of the seed ship, it was unable to do so due to the heavy damage the seed ship had sustained. Since Destiny could not estimate the time we needed to retrieve said data, it had not started the dialing process but instead instructed us to use the shuttle to fly down and collect the data manually.

As a post scriptum Destiny added, we should take the chance to make contact with our lost friends.

At first I was suspicious and didn't trust our luck but after getting to know these people over the course of several days, it is safe to say that we did make our first real friends during our journey home.

Even though the Navhicen's history is different, the evolutionary steps their ancestors took were quite similar to ours. Chloe used her diplomatic skills to gain access to their history archive at Batata City and managed to collect more information and data than she was able to put in her report.

Having recieved invitations by several Navhicens to take a look into their (daily) life, Sgt. Riley compiled quite an interesting report.

Eli chose a more direct approach and put together a collection of interviews as well as pictures of the Navhicen.

The landscape of the planet is very fascinating (many of the crew lived the motto “Go Green” literally) and Dr. Park used the shuttle's Kino to take several pictures when Sgt. Greer and Lt. Scott explored the surrounding area of their capital city (Batata City) and the crash site of the seed ship.

Over the centuries the seed ship had been partly taken apart and integrated into the city structure. Most of their technology is also based on that of the seed ship even though they never were able to unlock the main system without the master code.

During his time on the planet, Dr. Rush reached an understanding with the scientists and in exchange for the master code of the seed ship, he was allowed to retrieve the necessary data as well as study their technology.

Though the most interesting discovery we made was the 'Purple Sweet Potato'. On Navhic it is not only the main food source (due to the climate) but also used in various other parts of their culture.

This plant is seemingly common in every known galaxy and cultivated on many planets but never before have we come across such a 'universal' use of it.

Camile will give you a short overview while Lt. Johansen, Sgt. Becker, Dr. Inman, Mr. Brody, Dr. Franklin (in memoriam) and Dr. Volker each contribute their own file about the use of the purple sweet potato on Navhic.

We collected enough data and information to last for several trips between here and Earth. Currently the crew is working on the second mission reports data package and I hope to be able to send it to you by the end of this week.

Everett Young
Colonel, United States Air Force
Destiny Commander
Come and join Team Universe! It is our Destiny.