Christmas Emoticon Calendar 2008

1st December

Blue: "Let's decorate!"
Red: "Eeek?"

2nd December

Red: "Found it!"
Blue: *shifty eyes*

3rd December

Blue: "I said be careful!"
Red: *hangs in there*

4th December

Blue: "I'm not sure that's part of the plan..."
Red: "Wondrous star, lend thy light!"
[Or more like: Electricity - light me up!]

5th December

Red: "OMG, my stocking for Saint Nicholas Day is not finished!"
Blue: "Knitting bell, knitting bell, knitting all the way..."

6th December

Blue: *big fuzzy feelings*
Red: "Candy-Cane!"

7th December

Red: *on fire*
Blue: "Baby light my fire?"

8th December

Red: *sneeze* *tremble*
Blue: "Oh, poor little one..." *hugs*

9th December

Red: "Soooo warmy..." *peeks at Blue*
Blue: *hums* *knits*

10th December

Red: "Jingle bell rock // Jingle around the clock..."
Blue: "Christmas Rock?!" *shifty eyes*

11th December

Blue: "That's definitely not the Christmas way..."
Red: "May the force gift you..." *hehe*

12th December

Red Raider: "Give me your Christmas gifts and cookies!" *rawr*
Blue: "Ohgodnotagain. Hide the cookies, people!"

13th December

Silent night, holy night // all is calm, all is bright...

14th December

Blue: "Warm and yummy Christmas cookies!"
Red: "Yesyesyes, pluuuuuese!"

15th December

Blue: "With all my love, my little Christmas cookie."
Red: *loves* *swoons*

16th December

Blue: "I feel kinda... snowed in...?"
Red: *hides snowflakes*

17th December

Blue: "Okay, who turned the dark on?"
???: "Whoops?"
Red: "Eeeek?!"

18th December

Red: "Woah?"
Blue: "You ain't a green elf..."
Green: "Mars-y Little Christmas!"

19th December

Green: "Ta da! I bring gifts!"
Red "Wheee!" *grabby hands*
Blue: *goes all wide-eyed*

20th December

Blue: "Love is in the air..."
Green: *feels loved*
Red: *smoochies*

21st December

Red: "Bob, the Snowman..."
Green: *does the nose-job*
Blue: "Aaaand, another gift!"

22nd December

Red: "SNOWFIGHT!" *wheee*
Blue: "May someone save us all..."
Green: *ebil snow-thoughts*

23rd December

Last preparations = heavy gift traffic...

24th December

Merry Christmas!